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    Quote Originally Posted by Strumpfey29 View Post
    racing is racing. Running in line is no fun. Hold on tight and go to the front. Running in the back is no fun!
    I agree 100%, but on the other hand 5 laps accomplishes nothing. And because all of the cars are the same, if you start in the back, you are most likely to finish in the back. You don't see the car starting 18th finishing in the top 5 if you know what i mean.

    Although, im really getting tired of straightening bumpers, replacing trailing arms, and duct-taping fenders, and im sure you guys can agree. Racing should not be a wreck fest. If you have the chance to pass someone, pass them, and dont dive bomb into the corner hoping to come out in a better position (because it normally doesnt work that way).

    And i do agree to say that alot of people shouldnt even be driving legends cars because they either cant handle them/cause accidents/spin out when no one is near them/just plain suck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamikaze. View Post
    92? The 92 Was blasted into turn 1 twice by the 39 who had a grudge or something from the heat race so any accident that the 92 was involved in was not his fault, if your blasted by a driver and have to slam on the brakes and skid up the track then your not to blame in my book and the officials had made the right call in the order.

    And im sorry to say you spin out by yourself in the middle of the race track many times because you have are obviously not experienced enough to drive a legends car so if you really want to start pointing fingers, ill point.

    The race was rediculous, and i dont understand why people cant just race in line till at least the halfway point. Races are not won in the first five laps and im curious to see how long the division takes to realize this. After a disgusting season opener, and this wreckfest, im surprised barbara and jim even want the cars back.

    And remember, anything i say is purely my view and ill stand behind it, but whatever i say doesnt not represent how my brother Bryan feels, so if you have a problem with whatever i have to say, take it up with me, and not him.

    well, some peoples cars are just to darn fast for them to hold on to they have no choice to stay inline becouse they cant figure out the fast pedal is on the right, with high car count theres no time to sit back in wait, must of the trouble was centerd around from (92ny) on back. just stop running each other over if somes on your inside there on your inside and dont body slam the car on your outside like the (92ny) did many times yesterday. all of you guys besiides the guys up front that can control there cars just need to chill out.

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    Well, I wasn't there but from what I have read, and what I have seen at other tracks, allow me to make some suggestions.

    I go to the summer shootout at Lowe's Motorspeedway, I have watched and most recently been offered a ride racing down there, I have done a lot of research as a result of this and here it goes.

    1) When a car brings out a caution as a result of being booted, he is sent to the back and the car who did the booting is sent off the track and parked. If a car intentionally brings out a caution, they are done for the day.

    2) REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE!!!!! if you are involved in a wreck, you are sent to the rear. I watched Clay Hair get involved in a wreck and didn't hit a damn thing, he just stopped, he was sent to the rear.

    3) ROOKIES!!!!! I'm friends with some of you guys, your all great, the number one thing I was taught during my rookie season in the blunderbusts (yes they are totally different) is to just start in the rear. Being a rookie is all about learning, you do the most learning by following the field, not holding them back or causing problems, regardless who is at fault.

    Now for EVERYONE, race clean, be smart, and have fun. Stop wrecking your stuff, it saves money.

    Also, I have noticed that some people are voicing there opinion about the track and drivers and have never raced a day in their life. STOP!!!!! You guys have no clue what the drivers see, or deal with out there. You know who you are so please think before you post. Ask W.J. I learned that the hard way.

    R.I.P. Joe This 3rd one is for you!!!!!

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    ALL rookies shouldnt start in the back. The 53 and the 15 mayb be rookies but are better than most veterans.
    Rob Bader Jr.

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    maybe have a kitty paid by those who are causing or are involved in multiple wrecks. if they enjoy the hook week in and week out than send them the repair bills that they are causing others to occour.

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    Why should some rookies(15,53,88,44) be penalized for other peoples mistakes? The officals said at their rules meeting, that if they deem a driver too slow or inexperenced to start up front, they will make the call to start that person in the rear. The probelems aren't always from the rookies. There needs to be some respect and give and take.

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    I haven't been out there, but this is obviously a young division. I don't remember seeing Donny Lia, Tony Naglieri, and Danny Mac on the jam pointing fingers, calling people out, putting each other down and making excuses. As a matter of fact, I don't really see that in any division. Some of you guys need to grow up, and part of that is knowing that maybe you can't handle starting up front. There's always going to be rookies who shine, but some of you need to be the bigger man and start in the back.

    All that being said, bashing a guy isn't going to make him any better, and if there's a bad relationship, that's not going to help. You need to help each other out, or at the very least TRY to. Maybe you're not gonna talk to a rookie and make him Donny Lia- but next time you're behind him he might be a little more careful out of respect for trying to help.

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    yes . to go 4 or 5 months during the off season waiting for opening day to race is hard enough , and after 3 weeks in to it , you could only get 5 laps in for a feature. and now you gotta wait another 7 days to try it again . i feel bad for the good racers out their in the legends . they only went 5 laps and have to wait all week to see if its gonna happen again. good luck fellas.
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    If someone has a problem with something that happens ON THE TRACK, SPEAK TO THE PERSON AT THE TRACK. Don't put it on a forum for people to continue to point fingers and talk all this trash...

    I know what happened on the track, I WAS DRIVING THE CAR. YES I was involved with spinning the 76, I was plowed from behind on the start and all the way down into turn 1... This bumper tag crap needs to stop. Give a little take a little, RESPECT. Isn't that the whole idea behind it all? Let the rookies learn, but they won't learn if there is no respect for them... If you lay off the bumper tag, and the beating and banging we would have some good clean racing. We had 2 races out of the 4 that was decently clean. Minor bumps and bangs here and there... Lets continue the clean racing. People need to learn to drive the cars without the mirrors, and use their eyes to know when to get off that pedal and slow down to avoid the wrecks...

    I was avoiding the spin in the heat, and I was blasted from behind by not one, but two competitors... sending my car airborne, not only wrecking my car, but wrecking others. We all need to use our heads. I am as frustrated as many of you are too. I want to keep my equipment clean, and I know this is what others want to do as well...

    So if you have a problem with me, SPEAK TO ME at the track, write me an e-mail, or send me a private message! Keep this crap off the boards because it is just going to cause more problems for the division. I know I want to race the next four races... I don't know how you all feel???
    Bryan M. Johnson

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    27 car didnt pass tech??

    quick question since the 27 cars ride heights werent rite is that rule out the window???? can we all run them like that???

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    As for what I said about rookies, Yes there are some rookies who can hold there own, Timmy proved that this week. I didn't want to point fingers at anyone, but those rookies who should start in the back probably know who they are.

    I don't want to offend anyone by any means. It just could probably make things run a little smoother.
    R.I.P. Joe This 3rd one is for you!!!!!

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    pretty sure the 31 won't be back, considering it cost him $100 per lap to come from CT... shame because hes one of the few that can pass without crashing and put on a great show each time he has been down from CT...

    either way though Timmy had that race in the bag, kid has amazing talent

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    it was a hard weekend at riverhead for all div.s
    its a shame to see and read this crap
    racers come here to run the bull ring
    have respect for all and run clean
    and when its over its over
    becouse one day it might be over

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    10crew, you hit the nail on the head!

    As to the tow truck company being new. Stop! Nicky and the Brigandi Bros. have been a fixture at the track and do an excellant job. That black El Camino has been there for years.

    Stop looking to blame and race. Race clean and hard, but do your talking on the race track. Not here.
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