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Thread: Chemung Speedrome ROC Tour 8/17/08

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    Chemung Speedrome ROC Tour 8/17/08

    Who is going this Sunday? How many cars will show? i say about 28-30

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    Beers Wins ROC race @ Chemung

    Eric Beers won the 150 lapper @ Chemung. Jan Leaty took out Matt Hirshman with about 25 laps to go and handed the race to Beers. Hirshman and Beers pitted together about 1/2 way and were the class of the field. Tony Hanbury lead the most laps until his tires gave way. Jan Leaty, who did not pit for tires, had the lead and was blocking Beers and Hirshman (who were clearly faster)in the closing laps. Coming out of turn 4 Hirshman got up to the outside of Jan, but Jan did not see him and they both ended up into the front stretch wall. From there it was all Beers.

    Good racing w/ lots of passing. It is obvious that those that pitted had the advantage at the end. 24 cars I believe showed up.

    No WMT drivers other than Beers and Hirshman were there.

    The Oct. WMT race should be a good one - if they don't count caution laps. If they count cautions it will be a waste of money.

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