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    Even though I believe they don't give the Rookie of the year award, I want to say that if they did it would go to the 88 SPT of Roger Turbush hands down.

    Here's a guy who never raced anything before,well he did once run a heat race a couple of years ago LOL, before jumping into the SPT this year.

    To finish 4th in points with 6 top 5's and 10 top 10's in 13 starts, keeping the fenders on it every week coming to the front! Someone who actually used the outside lane weekly.Awesome job cuz!

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    roger is an awsome CLEAN racecar driver who is fun to watch. Cant wait till next year,
    Rob Bader Jr.

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    well I dont know exactly where I got it from but there are a few reasons how I finished so well.
    #1. My father (the G.O.A.T.) Watching him since I was like 5 years old. Traveling to different tracks and watching his videos over and over and over again and anylizing every little thing.

    #2. My brother #1 knowing how bad I wanted to race, he asked dave koening for me to race his truck. #2 He always setup my truck, whether it looked ok or even if I said the truck was good he would go beyond that and try and make it better by the way it looked out there. #3 for him always being on my case about working on the truck or how I drove and what I needed to do out there. You also wrote me a letter for christmas about knowing I could be in it for the championship, I laminated that letter and read it all the time because that was one of my inspirations throughout the year.

    #3 My crew. My uncle Ray & John For all the mechanic work in the garage ,even thought Uncle Ray didnt care too much about having a 3rd racecar in the beginning of the year, I hope I did good enough and made it exciting enough for you to look forward to next season. We got some more clubbin to do!! My causin Bud "ACE" for setting up the tires at the track and being my radio man always keeping confidence in me. Schaef "Daracer" for settin up tires and always having our online racing battles before we go to the track. My sister Lori for always filming my races, it definately helped me by watching what I did week in and week out. Andy Orlando, right along with my brother helping out with the setup on raceday. And everyone else who pitched in for all their help at the track....

    I can't thank Dave Koening enough for letting me use his truck

    And my mother and father for wanting everything to be perfect for me whether I was a pest about it or not, I always appreciate everything you do for me whether I mention it or not.

    And all my sponsors: Rheem Air Conditioning, Allied Air Conditioning, Superior Systems, Bill Lyons Equipment, CWC Motorsports, Wild Child Designs & Lettering, Let It Shine Mobile Detailing... without all these sponsors I probably could not have raced this year.

    I can't wait until next year!!!!!!
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