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Thread: Frost Bite News?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbilly79 View Post
    That was the frist time the (#21) has ever been on a oval track. He has been running VIR. So he was just trying to get the hang of it and to help out Randy Myers to get a better car count !
    Thank You. It was a great looking car. Will he run again?

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    I really aint for sure, but he might run a couple here in there to get a better car count if that is needed.

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    He's mentioned Franklin County as a possibility.

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    On behalf of Charles, Chad and myself, I want to say thanks to all the competitors who supported the event in all the divisions. I wish we had had more cars as well as fans but for the first time out of the box, I think everyone did a great job.

    Thanks again to all!

    Randy Myers

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    Are the points posted anywhere after the first race? Thanks!

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    Front page of TCH, left side. I totalled points according to the format Randy sent me.
    TCH ASA Mod points.
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    Thanks Richie!!

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