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Thread: "Islip Airport & Speedway"

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    "Islip Airport & Speedway"

    When the fun stops, I'm OUTTA here....

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    The Melaniff site has been up since '98.
    I hope it stays up for another 11 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerckl'm racing View Post
    Check out the old Racerhub Forums Archive Threads/Posts!!!
    Old race photos and information is located there.
    Here's one of them.

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    Yeah, I figured you guys would have found that stuff by now...

    Wonder what that "Racing Sounds" album would be worth nowadays.

    I do rememeber seeing a picture of Petty at Islip in Car Craft just a year or two ago, but didn't know there had been numerous races there. THAT must've been interesting. I never got to see the drag strip, either.

    Long Live Riverhead!
    When the fun stops, I'm OUTTA here....

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