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Thread: What race excites you the most for 2009

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    What race excites you the most for 2009

    Which race are you looking forward to the most this season?

    I vote for the race Oswego in September, as we hopefully get a large field of cars for this special weekend.

    And which one interests you least? For me, I guess its the Memorial Day Oswego race ( the ride from Stafford to Oswego to Thunder Road sounds like a rough one)

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    I'd agree about the 200 in September.... Should be an awesome field of modifieds.

    The least..... Wyoming... a long long haul for us and on a Friday?!?!?!? ick...

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    I think the R.o.C. is going to be a must see this year. Sounds like there are going to be a lot of good cars there. I also thought that last years R.o.C. Tour race at Chemung was great. Being on a Sunday, you had the R.o.C. Tours best Hirschman, Beers, Brittain, Putney, the Leaty's, ect. vs. the PA boys Mountain Champ Rusty Smith, Brian DeFebo & rising star Kyle Ebersole vs. the winners of everything SST 2006 Chemung Champ T.J. Petrobowski & 2007 and 2008 Chemung & NASCAR NY State Champ Tony Hanbury. Better tires for competition compared to the WMT. '09 should be a great show as well.

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    Angry (MVS no race that sucks) day time @ OSWEGO no good

    Maybe a great feild of cars and drivers but day time racing @ Oswego will be a train race. What would have been a great race for 09 should have been MVS why did we get the AX that just sucks .

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    Any chance if people complain enough, that they could move it back to Saturday night. I know for fans travelling far, a Saturday night would be better.

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