It will be hard to get back to the days of Langhorn, Trenton or Pocono again. There are only two tracks in the country that run the modifieds weekly at least a half mile in length. Actually, until Shangri-La 2 is up and running, DTRP is the only one. At one point there was Stafford, Thompson, Riverside, Shangri-La, Spencer & Lancaster (DTRP) that all ran weekly and were at least a half mile long. There are fewer cars that are competitive on larger tracks compared to those days, but this year is shaping up to be one of the most competitive R.o.C.'s in recent memory.
With the open date and assuming that nothing will be rescheduled to the weekend of 9-11 - 9-13 typical R.o.C. drivers #60 Matt H., #3 Daren S., #88 Bill P., #95 John M., #66 Pete B., #44 Rick K., #6 & #25 Jan & Mike L., #5 Dave W., #34 Rusty S., #77 Sege F., #51 Wilbur H., #72 T.J. P., #8 Earl P., #45 Eric B., #71 Jimmy Z., #22 Zane Z., among others will be joined by drivers with tentative R.o.C. plans. WMT, champion #36 Ted C., runner up #60 Matt H., 4th #22/98 Chuck H., 5th #79 Ronnie S., 6th #45 Eric B., 8th #93 Rowan P., 10th #40 Ryan P. plan to be there. I just read that TVMS '08 rookie of the year #77 Kenny W. Jr will try to make the trip. Does anyone know of any other drivers from the WMT, TVMS, ASA or WSMT that plan to make the trip to the 59th R.o.C.?