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Thread: ROC Spencer 75

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    ROC Spencer 75

    Top 5 Finish from tonight's race

    1. 25 M. Leaty
    2. 22 C. Hossfeld
    3. 59 K. Rudolph
    4. 60 M. Hirschman
    5. 47 J. Storace

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    Unofficial Finish They had 36 Mods there tonight

    1. 25 M. Leaty
    2. 22 C. Hossfed
    3. 59 E. Rudolph
    4. 60 M. Hirschman
    5. 47 J. Storace
    6. 88 B. Puntey
    7. 6 J. Leaty
    8. 45 E. Beers
    9. 8 E. Paules
    10. 34 R. Smith
    11. 71 TJ Zacharias
    12. 66 P. Brittian
    13. 14 D. Reaume
    14. 3 D. Schear
    15. 86 Mcmullen
    16. 53 B. Defebo
    17. 15 Knoll Jr
    18. 72 TJ Potrzebowski
    19. 44 R. Kulth
    20. 21 G. Kent
    21. 01 M. Tychoniewicz
    22. 95m J. Markovic
    23. 5 K. Ebersole
    24. 51 B.Hebing
    25. 17 C. Whitnight
    26. 91 D. Silvernail

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    Thanks... A nice full field...
    ..Richie Grodski
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    Just think if somebody could promote a race with those 36 mods, add 36 Whelen Tour Mods, 30 TVRS mods, 20 Southern Whelen Tour MODS, YEAH JUST THINK

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    And what a great race it was

    some random thoughts:

    1 Could someone please explain what happened? Cars that qualified didnt start up front ( Hossfeld for example). Others that had top 4 qualifying ( Close) didn't qualify , were they only taking top 3 from each heat? And then I could have sworn some who finished back in their heats below top 5, ended up starting up front in the feature. Explain please...

    2. The battle for the top spot at the beginning of the race was great, between Storace, Ebsersole, and the 86.

    3. But if you had eyes on both ends of the track, you were really watching Hossfeld work his way thru the field. Wow, what driving.

    4. Hirschman finishes top 4 and I think had 3 pit stops. A few guys seemed to like to drift up and push guys in the front wall, and the 21 did just that to Matt. I liked when Matt pulled up along side of him to let him know he didnt appreciate it. Then the 21 tried to give it back to Matt and almost spun himself out instead.

    5. Did they ever get in the weekly mod feature? By the time the modifed race was over, I was ready to leave. Was a great evening, but I think most people knew before it started, curfew was going to be a possibility. Why the Supers on the same night as the ROC? Kinda of too many races in one night. But thankful they didn't run the ROC race last.

    6. So hard to read the numbers on your 50/50 late at night in a very dark area of the racetrack. And bad eyes don't help. I just figured I probably didn't win.

    7. The sorta red flag that came out to dig out the stuck tow trucks was almost funny

    8. I could tell just from the heat races that Mike Leaty and Hossfeld were going to be strong all night long.

    9. Love the pit road speed limit they give the modifieds . Oh wait there isnt one.

    10. This was my 4th time to Spencer and I never ranked it high on my favorite tracks , but after last nights race, I may have to rethink that list. Can't wait for the Whelen tour and the next ROC race there.

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    The reason for the starting line up change is because there was penalties given after the heats to 6 to 7 drivers for drivers without the one way radio in working order they were moved back three spots.

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    A great night of racing at Spencer for sure,been a long time. Answers as I see them

    1. Yes as mentioned. They gave an order for drivers to raise their hands by the flag on the parade lap in the heats. The ones who didn't respond were checked and if there was no radio set to the ROC freq the penalty was assesed. We finished 7th in our heat but were scored 4th so we missed the consi(whew!!)

    2. Kyle Ebersole (a Mountain reg) was flying. I could not believe how well he ran at Spencer for his first time there. It is not an easy place to figure out
    especially for a guy who usually runs bullrings. Impressive to say the least.
    He got tangled with the 86 (Tim McMullen) and ended up in the wall past the S/F early on ending his night.

    3. The" Hotshoe" was on a rail for sure. If Mike Leaty slipped even a little Chuck would have had him. It was fun watching come up through the field
    WITHOUT beating and banging like so many do. A true talent no doubt.
    The WMT is without one of the best Mod drivers around IMO.

    4. Matty did not have a typical Matt Hirschman night. Yes he did get tangled
    with the 21. Yes, he was not happy with the results. BTW the 21 was George Kent. Many were glad to see the "Duke" back behind the wheel. I'll only guess Matt was not one of them.

    5. The weekly Mods got started late and had a HUGE pile/up on the first lap coming out of 2. Spencer has a hard 11:30 curfew so they called it and next week will be double features. The how and why's of the Spencer management can only be explained by them....and the experts on RaceNY. LOL

    6. I did hear that the winning number was sold in the pits but to whom and what the number was is?? Too busy racing.

    7. That in the pit RED hurt us as our car worked pretty well on longer runs but was very tight on restarts. Fuel concerns prompted that call. A good one overall.

    8. I've watched Jan and Mike race together a number of times and I've never
    seen him pass his Dad as easy as he did. For anybody to pass Jan Leaty at Spencer they gotta be perfect. Mike certainly was.

    9. Great point. As a crewman I have a vested interest in this very subject.
    I'm going to get a email to Andy about that I think. Spencer is the only track where we compete that I really have this concern but.... it is scary at times.

    10. For some reason both Oswego and Spencer don't seem to have a second
    groove anymore. Spencer did apply traction compound for last night and it seemed to help as this was one of the best racesI 've ever seen there. Chuck
    told me after the race that the outside was difficult to make work. He did though, another testament to his skill.
    the ROC rules!! / Pacin ain't Racin
    " honey!! I can't sleep, turn on the CUP race will ya?"

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    And was that the same Eddie Hawkins that used to drive a modified at Spencer?

    And is Tommy Close running the enitre ROC tour this season?

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    I believe Tommy Cloce will be running the full schedule. TJ Toyota (the family dealership in Potsdam) is "an official associate sponsor of the 2009 Race of Champions Dart Asphalt Modified Tour and a participating sponsor of the 2009 Race of Champions Weekend at Oswego Speedway in September" (from the RoC website).
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    69 car

    Good, that 69 car brings back a lot of memories and it's missed when its not on the track.

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