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Thread: Car for rent!!!

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    Car for rent!!!

    just wondering if anyone has a spare car they are willing to rent out for the night...If anyone has a car that needs a driver, I am willing to race it for them...I have nearly 5 years in 4 cyl racing. and I have my own safty items (helmet/neck res./suite/shoes/gloves/and what not) My car is not set up to run there and I COULD get it legal but have no way of towing it to the track, since my dad (whos truck I use to tow to Grandview, will be in a weding that day. P.S. me to let me know what you can do thanks. I can run either a small/big/or truck, but rather run 4 cyl.
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    Come on guys...I'm sure someone has a car just lying around for Steve....and IF YOU DO...WHY AREN'T YOU RACING IT!!!

    Oh boy...see what you started Steve.....good luck, I hope to see you in action!
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