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Thread: WALL Points?

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    Cool WALL Points?

    Just curious, because there hasn't been much talk of this, but maybe you could clear these 2 questions I have up....

    1.) Is the races at WALL pointed races? If it is, where are these standings? I haven't seen them, maybe I am looking in the wrong spot.

    2.) Was rumored that they want 2 more races at Wall this year, for a total of 5 races, not 3. Any truth to this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    wall points i hit the wall at granview alot do i get points for that lol justin kiddin couldnt help me self

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    There is talk of adding a date or 2 late in the season but nothing is written in stone yet, we will have information up if/when we decide on a date. As for points...I will let Joe take care of that one...I remember talking about it being a mini series but I don't recall what his final decision was about it. Take it away Joe.
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    Yes, there are points.... I will be in contact with Pocono Thunder this week regarding the posting of the points....just like Grandview, I decided to wait until the second event was complete since everyone knows where they stand after just one event.

    I will have the links posted some time this week.

    Erin said it best....we are in the talking phase for adding more races. Remember, we initially advertised it as 3 races with the possibility of more....keep the car counts growing and the schedule will do the same!
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    OK, thanks for the update, much appreciated, see you all in a week and a half at grandview

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