Here is the Press Release from DTRP:
The feature event of the evening rounded out the nights events – the Race of Champions Modified Tour 75 lap event. Twenty-six cars were slated to start the feature, with the top twelve starters having redrawn after the qualifying heats. Mike Leaty started from the pole position and was joined on the front row by TJ Potrzebowski. With the drop of the green, Leaty and Potrzebowski raced side by side into turns one and two, with Leaty emerging at the leader by the time the field made a full circuit around the speedway. The field settled in for a long green flag run as Leaty paced the field. Leaty began opening up a lead on Potrzebowski while Eric Beers, Earl Paules, Jim Storace, Chuck Hossfeld, and Tom McGrath were strung out behind him. Lap 26 saw the first yellow flag of the night as Wilbur Hebing spun in turn one.

The caution period saw literally half the field pit for a fresh right rear tire. Mike Leaty emerged back out on the track first, beating the other 12 cars that had pitted. Up front however, Potrzebowski had opted to stay on track and had inherited the race lead. Paules, Storace, and Matt Hirschman followed in second, third, and fourth. The field looked a little bit more restless as they approached the halfway point of the race and teams prepared for their second half race strategy.
However, before the race could reach the halfway point, a large backstretch crash on lap 33 changed the complexion of the race for some competitors. Involved in the crash were McGrath, Erick Rudolph, Dave Wollaber, Billy Putney, and numerous other teams. After a lengthy clean-up the race resumed with a single file restart with Potrzebowski, Paules, Hossfeld, Jimmy Zacharias, Sege Fidanza, Jan Leaty, and Rusty Smith leading the way.

At the halfway point, Potrzebowski, Paules, and Hossfeld had started to separate from the rest of the pack, while the teams that had taken tires on lap 26 had started to move up through the pack. Hossfeld ran in third while Jan Leaty took control of third, Mike Leaty followed in fourth, and Rusty Smith ran fifth. A brief yellow flag on lap 43 saw the rest of the competitors who had not pitted for a tire head pitside. At this point in the race the only car that hadn’t pitted was the leader Potrzebowski. On older tires than the rest of the field Potrzebowski had quite a task ahead of him to stay in the lead. Hossfeld began applying heavy pressure to the leader but was unable to complete the pass as Potrzebowski hung onto the top spot.

Behind the top two, a battle for position was being waged by Jan Leaty, Mike Leaty, and Rusty Smith. As Mike Leaty looked for a way around his father, Smith was all over the younger Leaty for position. Smith managed to get by Mike Leaty on lap 55 and set his sights towards the front of the pack. Just three laps later Smith passed Jan Leaty and now ran third, with just Hossfeld and Potrzebowski ahead of him.

With just under ten laps to go in the feature, Smith passed Hossfeld for second and was challenging for the lead when the yellow flag came out on lap 69 for Rick Kluth who had struck the backstretch wall. After a lengthy yellow flag cleanup period, the race was restarted with a single file lineup. Potrzebowski, Smith, Hossfeld, Jan Leaty, and Mike Leaty lead the field to the green, but temporarily as another yellow flag appeared on lap 69.

The ensuing restart turned out to be the last of the night though. Just one lap later, on lap 70, Smith dove under Potrzebowski and took command of the race. Hossfed and Jan Leaty quickly did the same, relegating Potrzebowski back to fourth. With just two laps to go, Smith had checked out on the field and went on to capture his first ever win at Dunn Tire Raceway Park.

Next week at Dunn Tire Raceway Park is “Spirit Night” – fans are encouraged to dress up in their favorite drivers colors and number! On the racing card is the TQ Midgets, 4 Cylinders, Street Stocks, SST Sportsman, and Modifieds in a 50 lap main event. For more information visit or call Director of Stock Car Events Lori Overdorf at 716-207-2824.

RACE OF CHAMPIONS MODIFIED TOUR FEATURE FINISH (7/18/09): RUSTY SMITH, Chuck Hossfeld, Jan Leaty, TJ Potrzebowski, Mike Leaty, Eric Beers, Earl Paules, Daren Scherer, Matt Hirschman, Jimmy Zacharias, John Markovic, Jim Storace, Mark Tychoniewicz, Jeff Hamman, Daryl Lewis Jr., Rick Kluth, Billy Putney, Sege Fidanza, Doug Reaume, Karl Hehr, Erick Rudolph, Tom McGrath, Dave Wollaber, Wilbur Hebing, Ricky Knapp

Heat Winners: J. Leaty, M. Leaty, Paules