Promoterís Barbara and Jim Cromarty welcome Kyle Beattie former INEX Legends Champion to Riverhead Raceway this Saturday Night

Hot off the presses brings word that Kyle Beattie will be traveling to Riverhead Raceway this Saturday night to compete in the INEX Legends feature. Beattie is no stranger to victory lane and can drive the wheels off a Legend car and most anything else he pilots. Adding a feature event win at Riverhead Raceway is his goal along with meeting new INEX Legend competitors and crews. Kyle calls Locust NC home, which is located in the heart of NASCAR country so his racing knowledge and connections are vast. Aside from being a fierce competitor Kyle is also an expert in the racing business. Kyle Beattie Racing (KBR) provides the services a competitor needs to ďrace like a championí. From complete car purchases to set upís, maintenance, cut tires, and repairs. KBR also offers car transport and a professional pit crew at the track for your racing needs. Traveling with Kyle this Saturday will be two KBR clients, Cody Humphreys and Andrea Hans both INEX Legend racers utilizing KBR services.
Kyle is looking forward to Saturday nightís race and meeting Riverhead Raceways drivers and crews, so stop by and speak with Kyle, his crew and his drivers.
For more information contact Ann Young (516-381-8023)

Below is a brief bio of Kyleís career to date found on his web site.
ďAs far back as Kyle can remember, racing was always a part of his life. At the young age of three, he started driving his first go-kart. Kyle finally started to compete when he was 4. Victory Lane knew Kyle well. Through the years, Kyle worked on and raced go-karts, Bandoleros, Legends, Thunder Roadsters, Pro Challenge, Late Models, ARCA Series, and Hooters Pro Cup Series. There is no challenge that Kyle and his team cannot over come.
Beattie Racing Inc. is well known for its team spirit and family atmosphere. If you ever need to find someone from Beattie Racing, look for our shirts in the pits! Customers are not just customers, but more like family to Kyle and his Fiancť, Lori. These two make their rounds, sometimes going to four different tracks in a weekend, making sure the drivers are taken care of. At this point, in the spring of 2008 KBR has two traveling teams where there will always be Kyle or long time crew chief, Neal Cantor present at the track. Both, Kyle and Neal have more than 10 years of race experience.