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Thread: Riverhead Gear

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    Riverhead Gear

    Could someone let me know the gear for riverhead.

    Nowak, Beattie, Visconti, Sherman.
    Looking forward to testing out your turf.
    From the Vids I've seen, you've got a good group & a fun little spot to call home.

    I think there are a few late model guys i might know too.


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    Hey AJ...We use a 3.42
    Come on down and take a wack at it.

    Theres only 3 more races left.
    August 22
    August 29
    Sept. 6

    See ya soon...JV
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    hey john

    all i got is a 330.
    i'll find one.
    see you at NELMA if not sooner


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