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Thread: Oct. 25th Race

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    Oct. 25th Race

    Just saw on Wall's schedule that Sunday, Oct. 25th is the rain date for the big modified race being run on Saturday night the 24th....... I hope it doesn't rain on the 24th or the Big Cars will be racing together with the modified cars on Sunday the 25th...

    Wouldn't that be a sight to behold!!!

    Seriously, what happens with all the NEETS events on Sunday if Saturday night is a rain out for Wall's modifieds????? I understand that Sunday was going to have a lot of different divisions racing, as it was going to be joined with some of the Sunday Series divisions......

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    We are still working out all the details with Jim from Wall. Once we have everything put together we will probably have a pretty lengthy thred on here with all the details
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    you should call a lot of tow trucks for that race

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    Wink "Jack"-man..................

    Are you talk'en "checkers or wreckers"....................
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