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    Question Safety hub

    I was just going over the rules for Wall and found a reference to having a safety hub or a reinforced right front wheel. Could anyone tell me more about what that is? If you have such a thing on your car, I'd like to check it out at the next race at Grandview. I sure don't want to drive over there just to be sent home without getting to race.

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    I use a Bassett racing wheel. That makes it legal. They are in the area of $50 at a speed shop.

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    that's a simple to Joe, Rick, or John Saccomandi either on thr forum or at the next race.... Sac-man has it on his car, he races with us at Wall.
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    Post Safety Hub

    I've attached a picture which should help. The race before last at Grandview John Sacks had a left rear wheel failure that sent him into a barrel roll in turns 3 and 4. The wheel stress cracks around the bolt pattern leaving the lug nuts and wheel center on the car but everything just outside the bolt pattern goes bye-bye. Only the parts in red are neccessary. I did some additional welding in green just in case there was any question. Hopefully you have some 1/8" flat steel that you can grind/cut into shape to fit the curved area and weld in place.
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    thats a great way to re inforce wheels . i used to to do something similar. another thing i would do on my big car was use 1" lugs also. never had wheel s fail

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    How do the wagon wheels hold up with 1" lugs?

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