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Thread: 2hr enduro njmp feb 27th has been canceled and rescheduled for june20th

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    2hr enduro njmp feb 27th has been canceled and rescheduled for june20th

    FEBRUARY 27, 2010 CANCELED and Rescheduled for the Inaugural June 20th NJMP Road MODS support Race!!!
    Please be advised the race on the February 27th has been Canceled. Due to a foot of snow that was on NJMP and now non stop rain that turned the track into a mud bog!! That's the bad news, Now for the GOOD NEWS!!! There is a rescheduled date of JUNE 20th and this Event is a GO!!! I spoke with NJMP track officials and we are now having a STREET MOD 2hr support race on June 20th during the Inaugural Road Mods Event. You will now race and be part of American History participating in this inaugural STREET MOD 2hr endurance event!! The field will be limited to the first 50 registered cars. WE WILL HAVE A $2000.00 PURSE!! We are opening up two practice sessions to come out and practice on the 2.25 mile Thunderbolt BIG Race TRACK One on April 27th and one on May 25th from 5-8pm cost will be $35.00 includes 2 crew members for updates visit Thanks Bill Buff

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    I was just wondering. Do you have to be registered for the race to be able to run the practice session? It would be nice to just try it befor I make the commitment to do the race.

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    Wink Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.....................

    You'll probably have to pay a fee($35) to practice but it shouldn't have anything to do with the entrance fee for the race on June 20th...................
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    Do you plan to make the practice or are you good enough already? I just want to give it a try, and I think my new car is safe enough as long as the racing is clean.

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    Wink No Coarse Remorse..............

    Howie and I are planning to get a little "sperience" for at least one of those practice sessions..........................
    I don't know how the small cars will fare at the road coarse but its worth a shot just to get your car set-up in case you do decide to enter in june....................
    UNCLE PETEY.......................

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    Is anyone interested in running this race but is without another driver? I would love to race this but my enduro car now is NOT set up to run there. Please let me know. I will split everything 50/50 with you. I perfer a small car(4cyl) but will race a 6/8 cyl. Please let me know. Thanks!!!
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    any results how did everybody that went do?
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    I've been looking for results too....but I can't seem to find anything posted.... Did they run the enduro?
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    Had to delete my previous post...that was the results for the 12 hour race that was on 6/ I still can't find anything on this, I saw a few people mention an "outlaw stock" race and a "street stock or whatever they were called" race...but no more info afterwards...All the articles I am finding only mention the mods.

    Hopefully we can get some info soon, I will see if I can email Bill to see if he has info for me to post.

    Hey Petey! Were you there? I know you attended at least 1 practice...if you were can you give us some insight to how the day was, how many cars were there, and any other information you can give us off the top of your head?
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    I found this on south jersey dirt racing message board. Uncle Petey had some problems with his car and was a no show. Would have been fun with him and Howie there also.

    StreetMods 2 Hour Endoro Results
    1 Chris Winters/ Glenn Knell
    2 Buff Will/ Green Vinni
    3 Richard Bodmer/ Michael Ebert
    4 Ensinger Spider/ Ludwig Brian
    5 Beamer Tom/ Conaway
    6 Giambattista Kendrick
    7 Flak Chris
    8 Gabriella Goffredo
    9 Birdsall Dan
    10 Stockert Bill
    11 Knell Glen
    12 Dave Bentley
    13 Terry Thomas
    14 Prychka Chris
    15 Brown Bryant
    16 Longo Robert
    17 Parisi Mike
    18 Vandervenn Bill
    19 Cass Jr Rich
    20 Thomas Carl
    21 Farfel Roy
    22 Birdsall Dan/ Janda Phil Birdsall
    23 Bitner Mark

    RoadMods Race
    1 Christopher Ted
    2 Dave Vanhorn
    3 Beamer Thomas
    4 Pauch Billy
    5 Iles Michael
    6 Laubach Rick
    7 Williams Neal
    8 Ballard Brett
    9 Cossaboone Chic
    10 Blough Robert
    11 McConnell Harry
    12 Laird Dwight
    13 Tatich Greg/ tatich David
    14 Brett Graham
    15 Howard J. David
    16 Thomas Randy
    17 Bartemy Aaron Bartemy Ellen
    18 Pratt Jr Richie DeBruno Sal
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    Thanks, Bill! I just got home and saw that was posted about an hour ago on the message board. I just got a link to some pictures, as well.


    ugh...I think I did it again, I asked on SJDR about the enduro photos and I think this was the 12 hour one as well.
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    I wish I could have been there to watch but when I hooked the boat to the van and moved it to cut the grass it kind of started something.

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