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    looking to head to Monadnock what should I expect?

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    top ten things to expect at Monadnock

    10. A good crowd so get there early enough to get a seat

    9. Good side by side short track racing

    8. Fireworks- always good to watch from parking lot to get a jump on the mass exit

    7. Dwight Jarvis on the outside

    6. A long line to get food.

    5 The beer garden

    4. A chance to sit in the Riverside Park seats

    3. A long line to buy your tickets

    2. Some fool to stand outside of turn four in the parking lot causing a yellow to be thrown.

    1. Urinals in the mens room

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    when he says good crowd he means if you get there at 6:30 7 you are really going to have a hard time finding a seat cus the place packs them in for the modifieds then the fireworcks are there and that draws alot of people in on its own.

    See ya at The track

    what does 2nd and last place have in common? they both didnt win

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    How far from Lime Rock is it?

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    Map quest says 2 1/2 hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hossfan View Post
    Map quest says 2 1/2 hours
    gps says 2 and a half too

    See ya at The track

    what does 2nd and last place have in common? they both didnt win

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    For anyone going to Monadnock tomorrow...racing starts at 5 oclock....starting an hour early for the fireworks

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