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Thread: 43 THANK YOUs...

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    43 THANK YOUs...

    To all those who have called and offered me a ride for the OPEN STOMP Enduro derby. The list includes several track owners and promoters from across the northeast, along with many competitors
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    It don't matter if they're booing or cheering, as long as they're making noise!

    ease the TENSION...bring back Willy!

    Racing IS a CONTACT sport.

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    I think it is a race not a demo derby 2/10. If you are better than RP prove it by out racing him and he to out race you. Any thing less like crashing out the opponent would mean that the other is better. I want to see WHO is better. A race within a race RP vs 2/10 and the rest of the cars racing for 1st.

    just my 39 cents phil

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    Our forum is NOT the place for this. Please do not use our OPEN forum for your personal issues...this WAS discussed in the past.

    Let me reiterate what Joe said earlier...Any appearance of deliberatly going after anyone on the track will lead to automatic disqualification and the driver will be removed from their car and the car will remain on the track...
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