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Thread: Home Track Rules Exception

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    Home Track Rules Exception

    We have had a few people question this item in the rule books for the Open Comp.

    "If I follow my home track's rules for open/locked rears, do I have to run an open rear at this race?"

    "If my track says I can use racing springs, do I have to have install stock springs if I don't follow the NEETS rules for this event?"

    If my book says "XYZ" do I have to .....etc....

    The answer is most likely NO!!!

    The NEETS Series has been calling Grandview Speedway and ONLY Grandview home for the past few years, hence the safety rules have gone way beyond what they have been in the past when NEETS raced on asphalt...except in NJ....different story......

    The "Exception" is to allow cars that do not have full cages and such THAT IS REQUIRED BY REGULAR NEETS RULES to participate in the long as they follow ALL the safety requirements at their "Home Track".

    For instance, if a Wall Stadium Factory Stock driver wants to participate, they should have no problem since their rule book is quite similar to the NEETS rules...and NJ is already strict enough! However, if a Riverhead enduro driver sees that he needs a cage, full suit, etc..., he may feel disheartened to see the full NEETS rules.

    This rule doesn't apply to ANY other rule that your home track may have in place, regarding decorations, wings, locked rears, springs, is for safety only.

    The other rules that STILL MUST BE FOLLOWED are simple:
    Full steel body, no sheet metal custom fab fenders / DOT tires / class determined by wheelbase size.

    If you bring a parade float with a 10-second drag motor in better be safe, DOT tires, full bodied........and the decorations better not be able to come off......

    Hope this clears some confusion up.....any questions, email me anytime!
    Joe Cutri -
    or call and leave a message and I will return your call - 267-767-4923

    Good Luck!
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    I like the parade float idea. I'll have to get some help from John Willman so it's like what he ran at Grandview on Saturday night. Full length by about four feet high plexiglass sail panel, and he won the heat race with it.


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