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Thread: Race of Champions

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    Ambulance Problem

    Just an FYI.... The driver of the late model that got hurt and needed the ambulance, broke his arm a week earlier and CUT OFF HIS CAST SO HE COULD RACE this week..This BRAIN SURGINE is an ASS...He hurt the same arm in a simple spin....We all could have been home Sat. except we lost 2 hours to this ASS.

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    The great irony here is that those that didn't return Sunday missed a fantastic race. Chuck and Matt were really going after it and most were waiting for the payback Matt owed Chuck from the week before at the US Open. Matt chose
    not stink up this race with it's great history and drove Chuck clean. Both were used up pretty good at the end and the ultra smart and cool Tony Hirshman came on by virtue of a late stop to grab the win. Not to make excuses for AH but Oswego Speedway is a s$!+ hole and is run by dopes. There just is not a good neutral track around anymore to run this race. Crap on Andy all you want but there's be no ROC
    without him.
    the ROC rules!! / Pacin ain't Racin
    " honey!! I can't sleep, turn on the CUP race will ya?"

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