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Thread: Racing in Overalls

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    Racing in Overalls

    Heard a rumor that Pappy just might be racing with us four cylinders if he gets the car done in time.

    Lets go pappy, get off that rocking chair and pick up a wrench.

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    Cool Overhaulin Overall'in!

    Yee Haw....let's go Pappy!!!
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    Unhappy Update

    Alas, The heart of the bird has not returned from the engine builder, so no bird for me. I was really looking forward to get back behind the wheel, but that will have to wait till next season. I will be there to support the series and hope there is a great turn-out. It will be good to see some old faces and get to talk to people I have not seen for awile. With the free time I'll have maybe I can find that elusive Q-jet I couldn't find that I always heard about.
    Maybe I can sneek around the pits and trip a driver up and take his place for
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    Sorry to hear that pappy. Waitin for the motor? There's one of those 2.3 ford contraptions right next to the 1.9 I pulled at valenties junk yard. "Engine Builder" Whats That?

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    " engine builder" in my 4 cyl cars is the factory 175,000 miles and 194,000 miles ago. 8 cyl cars is myself. phil

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    engine builder lol

    i thought all stock cars come with one of those,

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