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Thread: How do you drive on asphalt

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    Question How do you drive on asphalt

    I tried this asphalt thing last year at Wall and wore out the tires. How do you avoid that with your driving or set up? Any opinions will be appreciated since the open comp is for two hundred laps. I know some of you drivers have run on asphalt and dirt so could you please try to explain some of the differences.


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    Very Carefully

    Asphalt has almost no 'side-bite' compared to dirt. So you cannot get through the turn by throwing the rear out and modulating side-bite to have it straight for the next straightaway. You'll simply spin around. Oil/Anti-freeze/gear lube/gasoline/etc will make the surface as slippery as any Kenny Rogers prepped track. Tires are EVERYTHING on asphalt. I prefer the black ones. Wait 5 laps for your tires to warm up, keep it straight in the turns (not crossed-up) and listen to your tires, and you'll be fine.
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    I guess I should have mentioned, for those that don't know, I drive a front wheel drive small car.


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    rf=40 psi
    lf=30 psi
    rr=20 psi
    lr=15 psi
    200 laps is a long race, I would just take it very easy for the first 150 or so.
    If the red comes out, try stopping up high near the pit guard rail so your crew can look at your tires and give you other info without pitting.

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    On the way to the races. phil

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    Good one Phil!!! I like that.......

    Just in case anyone is wondering if the race on Sunday will be anything like the NEETS We USE the black flag and prevent incidents like that from even happening...

    The Big Car Enduro will be an ENDURO....not a DEMO....just in case anyone was mis-informed....
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