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Thread: north-south shootout

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    Quote Originally Posted by limodmaniac View Post
    Wall isn't a bad choice, since its a little bit closer to being between the north and the south. However, some drivers would have an extreme advantage with track experience.

    Concord always seemed like a good choice, since it wasn't used for too many modified races besides the NS Shootout. Thompson can hardly be a fair track since some guys have enough experience to almost race it with eyes closed.

    Speaking of Wall, what word do we have on their schedule? Will there be any open modifed shows? There aren't too many dates on Saturdays, that are open dates. (And if you have any connection with Wall, Kyle, tell them not to book any thing big on Saturday, May 21 ( the 100 lap race at Riverhead)
    I agree with you 100% about everything! I mean I wouldn't mind Wall at all! A nice 1 hour drive would be just awsome for me! LOL

    And I have not heard of any schedule or anything yet. I know pretty much everything is still in the works! I am still connected with the track, just waiting to hear what I will be doing this year When I find out, and I am allowed to say something I will let everyone know!

    Kyle McGowan
    Wall Stadium Flagger

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    Well, if we want close to home, I'll vote for Ace or Orange County.

    If you want something a little further North, Motor Mile Speedway right off of I-81 would be an excellent choice. Great track and facility. But November in the mountains? You think Concord got cold, woof.

    Given that temp factor, Myrtle Beach would be the choice. But, if we don't start getting more Southern participation, it might as well go North. I was disappointed last year that several Southern Tour and BGS regulars did not enter.

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    Just read on another forum that the event may be held at Dillon Motor Speedway. Forgot about that one, but it would be an excellent choice. Ron Barfield has a great track there that is very racey. And, it's right off of I-95. And, there's a great BBQ joint between the track and the interstate.

    But then, someone claiming to be an official of the N/S, has said the race will not be moved from Concord. So, believe what you will. Time will tell.

    Hell, if we are talking the coast area, I'll throw Coastal Plains in. Another excellent track and I remember seeing a great race there with the SMART mods.

    Or, they could lease Southern National in Kenly.

    Is that enough options?

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    Concord's location is a big factor.
    Hotels/Inns, Malls, places to eat...not a problem.
    Not far from both 85 and 77.
    Not far from Charlotte and Concord Airports.
    Weather is not always that cold down here, some years at the Shootout I haven't needed anything but a sweatshirt for after dark.
    The further North the race is, the less and less Southern cars will make the trip.
    And most of the BGS guys don't race anywhere but there. That's their season.

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    my money is going on Myrtle Beach

    See ya at The track

    what does 2nd and last place have in common? they both didnt win

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    its on

    my money too$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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