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Thread: Petey Crash

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    Quote Originally Posted by racinrob43 View Post
    Actually this is the second time I saw the starter at SVS almost get killed. Does anyone else remember the day that Rich Johnson passed away? The scoring system wasn't working so they decided to run it like a Saturday night show, with heats and a feature. As the first big car heat was coming to take the green flag the starter decided he didn't want to go green, so, of all things, he ran out onto the middle of the track waving the yellow! I honestly think I saw the hands of God around him as the cars were wrecking on both sides of him, but no one got within 3 feet of him.

    Remember that day all to well, a day Id like to forget But yea, Matt had his Superman cape on that day!
    How ya Like Me Now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Chick View Post
    Different starter for the Legends race...but remember the NEETS race quite well, (right Matt?!) He wasn't waving a yellow flag though, NEETS doesn't use yellows, he had his arms folded across his chest. Dr D came within a few feet of hitting him. Don't think he'll be doing that again anytime soon!

    Waving a flag or folding his arms, it was one of the biggest "Oh @#*&" moments I had seen live! I thought for sure they would need to take a break so he could change his underwear.

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    Wink Yellow in the front, Black in the Back................

    Hey Rob, what do you think he used for the black flag after that wardrobe malfunction......................
    Matt couldn't use the yellows at a NEETS race........................
    UNCLE PETEY..................

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    Petey's Crash - View from the #44

    Hey everyone, sorry for the late posting on this topic - I was waiting for my registration to be confirmed for a couple of weeks so I can post. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who said those nice things about me: #91, Joe Cutri, Uncle Petey and Stu! I have to say what I love about enduro racing is the awesome competion out on the track, but in the pits it feels like we are all on the same team! Also thanks to the guys in the small car #11 who helped me pit during the race - much appreciated! I have attached my view of "Petey's Crash" - check it out. The video quality is not very good and by the way - you can hear my exhaust dragging along the track!

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