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Thread: Road Course Eduro Race!!

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    Road Course Eduro Race!!

    I just received this email from Bill Buff Motor Sports and I wanted to pass it along to all of you. I did this race at Englishtown 2 years ago and and I had such a blast! (It was even better than last year's road course race at NJ Motorsports track). If I get anymore details I will pass it on to you, or call/email or go to buffmotorsports website). By the way, I didn't do anything special to my #44, just ran it as is It was a lot of fun to zip around the curves both left and RIGHT turns!!

    Hey Guys,
    We are back with another round of Endurance 2hour Road Racing Series
    now back at Englishtown. The Date is March 20th the cost is $100 per
    car driver and one crew. $10 bucks a head for anyone else crew or
    spectators. The signup sheet will be posted sometime next week on the
    Englishtown website. Fill out the entry form and fax it or mail it in
    ASAP!!! We need to know the car count if we can offer a purse. You
    need Transponders!!!!! No more team timing the track has a timing
    YEAR!!!! Please pass the word and I hope to see you at the event
    one of many this year if all goes well!! Consider this as a test

    Bill Buff
    Buffmotorsports LLC

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    didn't do the motor sports park race, but E-town race was awesome a couple years ago. ended up 5th w/ big cars in the 6cyl regal. very unorganized but will go back. just a suggestion if any one is planning on attending make sure you have a good set of brakes on the car. 1 strait over 100mph and then a flat 90* left turn.
    jeff walls

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    2hr endurance road race registration open

    The registration is now ready sorry for the delay.Goto Fax in your entry then mail it in with a check. Come out and have a blast!!! If the turnout is good and the drivers want more We are looking into some Sunday dates in the future. We have a wire and we are organized to run a GREAT EVENT!! Thanks Bill

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    Road course map...............

    What is the course layout?...................
    The exact same course we ran last time?...........
    Would be good to know for handling/setup.................
    UNCLE PETEY...............

    PS...Hopefully, this won't be the same joke that went on last E-town road course event.........................

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    Track Map Englishtown

    Hi Guys Here is a copy of the road course map. The length of the track is 8 tenths of a mile. The track is wired so we need for you to have transponders. If you are planing to race please go the registration and fax it in so we get a handle on car counts. You can mail in a check or call the track and give them a credit card.

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    RE: Road Course......

    Bill, will the course be run counter-clockwise?...............
    Can we register the day of the race?..................
    UNCLE PETEY...................

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    Hey Petey,
    The course will be run counter clockwise.
    Please sign up now so we know the car count. You can pay when you show up no penalties for not showing and we will have a pre register line so you can pretty much just sign the waiver give them a check and drive in. Otherwise sit in the long non registered line fill out the forms and then come in.

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    transonders for rent

    We will have transponders for rent. The cost will be $25 for the day. You will get your license back when you return it. Please reserve early so you get one. See you SUNDAY RACEDAY.

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    PICs From Englishtown Endurance Race

    Here is a link to some pics from the race. Carl Tomas won with only a scratch on his car!! This was a great race with lots of excitement and really clean racing. Look for future races to happen at Englishtown.


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