As you may have already noticed, there are several new elements being added to the NEETS Events this season.

First off, Slingers!
The Slingers are going to be working with the series hand in hand this season, unlike the SpeedSTRS which ran the 2010 season with us, the Slingshots Series will be ran as a partnership with NEETS! The Slingers and NEETS will both benefit off of each other, so there will be no greater or lesser series.

The Slingers will be parked in the front-most parking spaces along the pit entrance. Most importantly, the cars are TOO LOW to the ground to be parked in the rear. The Slingers will complete their entire show before the enduros begin racing, therefore the cars will be packed up and possibly heading out during the first enduro.

Vintage Mods.
Vintage Mods will be parked with the enduros on the typical first-come first-serve basis. We need drivers to park their tow vehicles CLOSE this season...NO SAVING SPOTS!!! If the pits are full, there will be an area sectioned off for overflow. IF you are unhappy about parking outside of the pits...plan ahead next race and arrive EARLIER!!! This has been discussed before, get there early so there is no problem parking....

I have posted the schedule up a few times now....I'm not sure if I got it right or not....either way, here it is!

Pits open - 8 AM
Registration & Tech Inspections

Slingers & Vintage Mod Warm-ups - 12 NOON
Transponder Check (Slow Laps) Enduro Cars ONLY
Driver's meeting

Slingers Heats - 1 PM
Vintage Mods Show
Small Car Line-ups
Slingers Feature
Small Car Enduro
Vintage Mods Race
Big Car Enduro
Ladies' Race

Saturday Nights!
Maybe we jumped a little too quickly....apparently, being told pick the dates and not hearing anything after that EVEN AFTER WE SCHEDULED THEM....wasn't right....

Saturday May 7th - Small Car Enduro - $50 Registration - 40 Laps - 27 Cars MAX
Saturday June 8th - Big Car Enduro - $50 Registration - 40 Laps - 27 Cars MAX

27 cars maximum will be decided by FIRST PAID REGISTRATIONS RECEIVED!!!
Details and info pages online shortly!

Last but not least....Registration Fee.
We have just finished up a long meeting with the Rogers. We have been trying to avoid doing this for as long as possible, but unfortunately, we are going to have to raise the registration fee to $65 per car. If NEETS is going to continue to pay the highest purse out of all the enduro series around and provide the end of the season banquet and payouts, this has to be done. Besides, this is the 9th year of NEETS Racing, we have never once raised this fee outside of special events. This decision was not easy for us to make, it does not bring me any pleasure having to do this, but with the track passing along higher expenses to our series, we are left with no choice....

My deepest apologies for us having to do this now, but this is the only way the series can stay racing at Grandview Speedway at this time.

We are looking forward to one of the most interactive, full-blown fun years of enduro racing with NEETS! Hope to see you all on Sunday!