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Thread: Spencer Speedway 75 lap Friday

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    Spencer Speedway 75 lap Friday

    SPENCER SPEEDWAY.....ROC Modified Tour.....7:00PM

    Anyone confirm if Chuck Hossfeld will or will not be there. it's NOT on his website, but seems like it's a given that he would be there.

    Anyway, hope they get some fans in the stands.... its the ONLY time the RoC is going to be there, and I have fear that if it doesn't draw a crowd that it won't be the on schedule in 2012.
    LSK & RTM

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    I 'll be there. Hope the weather cooperates, but I am not wimping out like last week. Missed out on a good race last week at Lancaster.

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    I really think the same thing about it "being a given" Hossfeld will be there. However, this has not been confirmed.

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