You do not have to wait for the info page to be updated to send in your registrations:

The final event of 2011 will be held on Sunday, November 27th at Wall Stadium.

This will be an OPEN COMP Enduro, meaning these will be ENDURO cars with open motor/suspension rules. The only thing besides safety that we will be teching that day will be TIRES...Tires MUST BE STREET LEGAL DOT TIRES. Again, I need to stress the fact that these must be ENDURO CARS as any other car will not be allowed to participate as it will not be safe for the other competitors.

These cars must meet NEETS safety requirements to be able to participate in the days events...all details for what our OPEN COMP means please check this link:

The most important item to us is driver safety so please read the link provided to ensure that this Open Comp Enduro is as safe as possible.

Pending Car Counts, the days events will comprise of:
Small Cars - 200 Laps
Big Cars - 200 Laps
TRUX - 100 Laps
Ladies Race - 25 Laps

Again, I will emphasize the importance of pre-registrations, if you are planning on coming and need to rent a transponder we need to know as early as possible...if only a handful of people need them we will not be renting them due to the cost and will be able to find someone to share...however if enough people need them then we will have them rented for the day and it will result in a smoother running day!

Thanks everyone, send your registrations to

Hope to see you out there!!