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Thread: New Legends Sponsor

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    Cool New Legends Sponsor

    Does this mean we get a pay raise?

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    Cool New Legends Sponsor

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot11 View Post
    Does this mean we get a pay raise?

    This is some good new but for who???
    Does any of this "New Sponsor $$$ " get added to the LEGENDS purse?
    At other tracks,a class sponsor usally gets decals advertised on that divisions cars with the drivers being rewarded with increased purse payout.I wonder if this new sponsor will follow same guidelines.
    This would be GREAT if the LEGENDS CLASS had a greater incentive to provide the fans with a better race........(110$ for a race win at rh compared to 200$ -250$ at any other track that LEGENDS compete at)
    Another note:
    35 or better on average for car count in LEGENDS division should speak for itself in the strength of our class.With LEGENDS having the largest car count (besides enduro) a little kick back $$ to the teams and racers that spend their time and $$ to provide a show for the RIVERHEAD FANS would give the teams a bigger smile come race day.............
    Kevin 53ny

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    This must be getting you guys some good money.
    Look at the nice press release Findan put out. He would not make such a big deal out of something if it was not a benefit for you racers. Right ???
    Thats a good car count. You will probably be getting a purse increase of a few dollars anyway this season as a reward for your loyalty to the track.
    On the other hand, instead of more purse, they may cut the laps or time limit to save you gas money, which they could say equals purse increase. They are all about treating the racers right there.
    Qualify 12 cars out of a 20 car heat in 4 laps. ?? That might work. Or 5 minute time limit with 90% of it taken up by figuring out how to tow the car. Less wear and time on the cars.
    How about this. Pay to get in, drive your trailer around the pits once and you have to leave.
    Great division with a great turnout. Hopefully they take advantage of this for the season instead of being in such a rush to get you in and out.

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    OK guys not to be a jerk here but let me ask you all a question. Did any of you go out and recruit this sponsor for the race track? Do you know the increase in land taxes and insurance for the race track? Just asking because you all seem to have a lot of answers...

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    ill almost guarantee no purse increase- might get bumped up to $115 to win

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