The feature race of May, 26 2012 was as poor a piece of modified racing entertainment as I have witness at Riverhead.

I put fairly substantial dollars into a modified and into a late model, and so I expect to see the opportunity for these cars to compete week in week out. This season has brought a firmer and stricter tone of officiating. I applaud this shift. We long to see this track administered as consistently as possible.

That being said, last night's modified scoring and race administration was horrid. Simply put, the officials and scorers had little competance in efficiently getting cars racing. We wound up with what I believe were 15 laps of green flag racing.

Let me ask / pose the following points:

1. Why could NOT the scorers quickly relay information to the officials? Monitoring the NASCAR frequency during yellow yielded a comical degree of ignorance. One could view certain track officials during this chatter and see their frustration. Moment after moment was wasted away.

Please everyone, let's get this taken care of going forward.

2. Why did 25 cars start during a handicapped race? This is a recipe of chaos! Let's go back to heat races, if we're blessed with such turnout. Its hard enough to officiate 10, 15 or 20 cars, but officiating 25 cars?

3. Since there was only a demo derby afterwards, why couldn't the mods continue? Aren't we the premier division? Has the Daytona 500 ever become the Daytona 212 due to excessive yellows and reds?

Douglas Corwin
Eastport Feeds