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Thread: lee updates not working.

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    Oct 2008

    lee updates not working.

    Is anyone else having this problem ?

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    Jan 2007
    Yes. It is also supposed to be on FB. Not really like 'live', but better than waiting for the morning papers.

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    Richie's granddaughter was born this morning so he probably isn't available right now to correct the problem.

    Try this link to the facebook page - Denise is doing her best here. They've run the heats.

    Howie Hodge
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    Oct 2008
    thanks gill and howie

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    Howie was somewhat correct.
    I noticed an issue last night and totally redid the update page for the race before posting it.
    Although I was with my daughter most of the day, there actually was nothing I could have done to fix this anyways.
    I still do not understand what happened as all was set-up correctly. The fall back will ALWAYS be Facebook, for future reference.
    Sorry for any inconvenience and I will do my best to get things back to as close as they were before for the next LIVE event.
    ..Richie Grodski
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