As of today, July 4, 2012, there will be no tolerance towards trashing other members, sanctioning bodies, media or any other issues at all.

This forum USED to be a place for some great debates, thoughts, chat and ideas by many. As of late, a few have taken the level to trashing, bashing, picking and outright accusations toward many, many without any backing, only opinion. It will no longer be tolerated here.

We have received quite a few messages, emails and phone calls concerning this and being the vast majority are tired of it or asking why we let this go, it must now be addressed.

Since this forum started, we have tried to keep moderating to a minimum, which it has. Lately it seems the attitudes of a few feel they must trash everything about anything/anybody. Besides the trashing there have also been nonsense threads starting mocking events, people, media or just about anything they seem to hate. THIS IS STOPPING IMMEDIATELY! If you can not act like an adult, your threads/posts WILL BE DELETED! There is no thin line here, but cut n dry. Speak your thoughts, but, don't trash in it. It has been done here for years with very, very few issues, so IT CAN BE DONE! Many of you have come here from MSS forum. Those who have know, if ANY of this was done in that forum when Lou was alive, IT WAS NOT TOLERATED! We have been more than accommodating here and let much more go then was allowed there. Your opinions are valued by many, including sanctioning bodies, teams and TheChromeHorn, whether you believe it or not, but the immature trashing is doing nothing constructive but turning people away from events and our forum. Being this is a private forum, we do have a right to keep things inline and will as of this time. There will be no thread/post deleted, in any way, whether positive or negative, as it was before. Only DESTRUCTIVE/HATE items will be curbed. As I mentioned, things have been open here and well for years. No reason it still can't.

This decision is non-debatable.
Please do not contact any of us on this decision or start any threads/posts on this, they will be deleted.
It is time for a few to start thinking before they post instead of putting out their hatred at will.

I apologize for the inconvenience to those who have had to tolerate this and we hope to bring things back to what it was a short time ago. management