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Thread: Wall Racing

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    Wall Racing

    Joe I have heard a few different things about racing at Wall. Would you please clarify the date(s) that we will be there if at all?

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    Bill, as of right now we still haven't gotten a set date yet. They were suggesting to keep it on the 28th so as of right now plan for the 28th unless we hear anything otherwise. I'll see if Joe can try to get a hold of them again...
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    What is going on? I've tried to reach out to Joe and he has not gotten back to me. I heard bits and pieces of things from others, but not sure what is accurate. I sure hope we will continue to race at Wall. It is an awesome track and the competition is great! Can you fill us in on some details? Thanks.

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    Wall takes awhile to get back to Joe, he's been calling, emailing, etc and they don't answer him, probably because they don't know for sure themselves. The last we've heard is that they (meaning Wall) had to discuss it amongst themselves further about the date. So as far as we know it's still October 28th. As soon as Joe knows something he will let us all know, but for right now there's nothing to report, hands are tied and we're at the mercy of Wall until they tell us that we'll be there for sure on the 28th or another date.
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