A proposal to write a book about Nazareth Speedway has been approved yesterday by Arcadia Publishing. Arcadia has over 8,000 titles and they currently has a licensing agreement with both NASCAR and ISC, so the finished book would be an officially licensed NASCAR product, bearing the logo.

I plan on having a chapter on just enduro racing- so I would like to have some drivers, fans, etc. tell me in their own words: What does enduro racing means to me?

What I need now are pictures/ stories for the book about Nazareth. I know there are a few NEETS "Oldtimers" who have raced there. I was going to announce this at the banquet but the book will be going to print before our first race starts.

If you have watched a race there, wrenched on a car or raced, and have pictures (or know of people who have pictures) send me an email/ PM or bring them to the banquet. I will then scan them and return them you when I am done.

Lastly, I also want to know how many are interested in buying the book (autographed by me of course) so I know how many to order ($21.99) and if there are any local businesses, tracks, or events that may be interested in selling the book or having a book signing event.