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Thread: 2013 asphalt racing

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    2013 asphalt racing

    with all thats happened this season regarding the cancellations of alot of the asphalt races at wall , how can we find a good solution to race next years series on asphalt ?
    which tracks out there are a possible solution ?
    i see now mountain has a new enduro series promoter , is that a possibility ?
    riverhead ? or mahoning valley ?
    or how about the road courses at either englishtown nj or the new jersey motorsports park { which works like a track rental for all the clubs that run there } ?
    is wall able to work with us next year ?
    are there any new york tracks that would be an option?
    alot of questions or possibilities ?
    what can we do to help rather than just sit around complaining and waiting ?

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    I think we should try and get 1 race at the two road courses, one at Wall, one at Mahoning Valley, etc. We could make NEETS a real travelling series. All races should count for points and we'd have one series champion for big and small cars. NOTE: When I ran enduros at Englishtown and NJ Motorsports Park, they ran the big and small cars together.

    By making all the races points races with one champion, it should help boost the car counts for the asphalt tracks.

    Just a thought.

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    Sounds like a great idea
    the traveling series again
    sux being victimized and loosing races out our control by track owners i know everyone is only looking out for their own best interezt and bottom $$.i give joe and the Neets gang all the credit for their efforts. Hopefully next season will provide more for all of us

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