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Thread: Important Announcement.....

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    Exclamation Important Announcement.....

    This is news everyone needs to read...

    Checkered Flag Waves for the NEETS Series...
    ________Joe the Photo Guy
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    I want to thank Joe, Erin and everyone involved with NEETS for all the hard work they did for us drivers. I still have my original NEETS license from 2003 and have run at least a few races with them every year since. It was a class club to be involved with and I have made many good friends with them. I am sorry to see it go. I wish Joe and Erin the very best of everything. They always made me feel special.
    To All of my NEETS friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.
    If and when NEETS ever makes a comeback you can count us in.
    Bill Stockert #310

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    Checkered flag waves for the NEETS series... But the Green flag waves for Joe and Erin to get on with their lives and start their own family.
    Thanks for everything you two have done and all the good times.
    Ray FitzGerald 2003 champ.

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    SO SAD, but may all your dreams and wishes come true !!!
    I wish You and Erin the best , as a friend and driver in your series I just want to thank you for ALL you have done
    for the sport of enduro racing. It has been a pleasure to race with you guys, and I can promise you when you decide
    to do this again, Maddawg Motorsports will be there !!!!!!
    Bob,Jody Eric and Jacob---- MADDAWG MOTORSPORTS

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    I would like to thank Joe and Erin and all the people of NEETS, Officials and drivers. I always wanted to try racing on dirt at Grandview. You gave me a chance to do this. Good luck in the future and hope to see you again sometime soon. Merry Christmas! Jerry Arms # 76

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    SAD NEWS INDEED. I just would also like to say thank you to Joe and Erin and all the staff for NEETS. Neets is a family all its own but ,at the end of the day we must realize it is made up of many familys. So to Joe and Erin GET BUSY ENLARGING YOU FAMILY!! Just make sure that baby's middle name is mudhole #?. All kiding aside though NEETS has been my home away from home for a few years now. I hope to stay in touch with all of you so here is my # call me anytime 609-341-8059 Scott

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    O wow! Just as I was to buy back my old car...Hey.. you 2 ran a great show had a blast running with all of you! It is important that you get your lives in order for a healthy realationship. I learned a lot racing out there and never thought Id do that well as a rookie. I met a lot of great people...Im probably goin to buy the old car back anyway and run some track. Once this sport is in your blood its hard to stay away. Thank you for all the work youve done for all of us and hope to be with the NEETS family again! .......Jack

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    Best of luck in your time off.

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    Wow sorry to see the neets series take the checkered flag its been one hell of aride had some of the best times with you From the first race in 2001 all the partys at the crossroads the ups and downs you put on a great racing series always fair great racing. Wish you the best hope to see you at riverhead next year till then enjoy the time off jim laura and joey white

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    it was sound to read the news.Good luck to Joe and Erin, and remember that family comes first. Also dont forget bto tell them kids nabout all of their aunts and uncles
    Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

    Uncle Big Daddy

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    Good luck Joe and Erin! It was a pleasure to get to know you two and to be a part of NEETS. Wish yas the best of luck! Thanks for everything and hope to see yas soon!
    MadButcher #04

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    Joe and Erin,
    I so appreciate all you've done for enduro racing. You guys put in a lot of hard work and a lot of time over the years. I know it has not been easy - thank you again so much. It is sad to see you leave, but hopefully it is only just a short while to take a break.

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    It has been my pleasure announcing the NEETS Enduros at Grandview Speedway the last three years. joe and Erin have worked so hard in making NEETS a success. Best of luck to both of you in the future.

    Enduro drivers and fans, stop by at Big Diamond in 2013 for an enduro race and say hi. I will be returning as enduro announcer there in 2013, would really like to see many of the NEETS guys there for some racing.
    Gary Lileck

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    just wanted to thank joe and erin for making me feel like i was part of something. i came there by myself with none of my friends and you guys made me feel like they were already there. all of the neets racers made me part of their family. i may not be here much longer. wife wants to move to florida so thanks to all who became my friends. look out poppop coming your way. by the way erin, didn't you have enough babies in the pits. just kidding

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