The Outlaw Shootout will be a mini series, after the big race's, sponsered by Detweiler's Towing.

It will consist of 5 - 10 lap races, 1 race after each big race, for five races on schedule.

Top 3 guys from each race will get into last race, after the last race of the year... meaning there will be 15 guys in last race total you can not buy into this race!

Out of the top 3 from each one, the winner will get 75.00, 2nd- 25.00 and 3rd 0.00 but they be in the final race.

I will pick 10 racers per race in big car division and there starting spot, in front of the 10 drivers to get the line up for the end of the day race. Only taking 10 per race for 10 laps.

10.00 dollars to enter

If you enter and finish top 3 you can't get in again till last race. If you don't finish in top 3 you can buy in again to race for top 3 over and over till you get in. etc.

500.00 winner take all at the final race. 30 laps the distance fast dry track all the way though the series!!