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Thread: attention all big car drivers

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    attention all big car drivers

    just to let you all know,
    bridgeport speedway is welcoming all big car enduros and factory stocks to their march 23 practice day,
    it will be on their 1/4 mile track.
    bridgeport is looking forward to running a select number of enduros this year provided they get enough interest and response from drivers .
    they plan on working with other tracks schedules and following neets rules.
    yes the cars need to be jersey legal.
    the dates are still being worked on,
    so please come on out and help make this a reality and help spread the word.
    its been a long time since bridgeport ran enduros and i dont think ever was done on their 1/4 mile track.
    any ?s you can contact the speedway at or 845-467-4407
    i will be happy to assist
    karl wagner

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    To the best of my knowledge, they never had enduros on the short track. That should be pretty cool. As an enduro fan, I'm really glad to see this class of racing getting some attention at various speedways this year.

    Chuck running the new Outlaw Series at Grandview. Big Diamond bringing back enduros after a year away. A new enduro promoter at Mountain Speedway. Mahoning Valley scheduling a few this year. Kutztown (action track USA) having an enduro during fair week. And now the announcement of Bridgeport. Really looking forward to this season. I hope all above mentioned tracks have a good year in 2013!
    Gary Lileck

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