Don't forget that the first Enduro of the season for small cars and big cars is slated for Sunday March 17th at Big Diamond Speedway. They recently posted on their facebook page that they are going to try their best to make tomorrow happen, despite the weather we received today. Practice for any type of race car with a roll cage is set for 12PM and the enduro is scheduled to get started at 4PM. Pit gates for the enduro open at 3PM. For more information, check out the track website .

I will be announcing the enduros at Big Diamond this year so feel free to stop me and say hello if you see me walking in the pit area prior to the races. And feel free to share any info on your car/hometown/etc. As I did at Grandview the last three seasons, I like to inform the fans about the cars and drivers as much as I can. At Big Diamond, I spent most of my life there so I have a lot of my own info I can share, but definitely would like more of your input. Thanks and good luck to all drivers.

Let's hope we see some exciting enduro racing tomorrow at Big Diamond! If I have the chance to give weather updates tomorrow, I will do my best.