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Thread: Just announced!!!!

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    Just announced!!!!

    I talked to jake smulley from big diamond speedway. He will be following our rules for the rest of the season. That means you drivers that have vortec heads & manuel transmissions will be able to race. That also means that our fearless leader mr. eckert can race with us. Next race will be saturday april 27th gate open at 3:00pm, also a test & tune will be prior to the race. 20.00 for the test & tune. 50.00 to race, 30.00 for the pit gate. Hope to see new faces at big diamond!!! Captain # 70
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    Awesome news! Looking forward to the next race at Big D, hope to see many of you there.
    Gary Lileck

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    Its $50 if you send in your registration or $75 day of race- we found out the hard way.

    Tracy Berger- Carmen
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