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Thread: Just throwing this out there

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    Just throwing this out there

    My wife Jennifer is our press release person and has asked me if you drivers would be willing to give names car number and hometown for a sheet of paper to be given to fans as a outlaw enduro driver roster

    Scott Geiswite
    Outlaw enduro head flagman

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    Ross Coderoni
    Small Car #04
    Glen Gardner,NJ
    MadButcher #04

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    You will need them all. I believe Erin and Joe have most of this info already. But any way Phil Levering both classes car # 39 ParkerFord,PA Linsey Rummel North Coventry ,PA small car #L39 Rob Pyle Big car P39 Donaldson,PA phil

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    Thank you Phil I have an email to joe already

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    Matched the hometowns up with the finishes that Chuck posted a few days ago. There's a few that I don't know, left blank.

    Small Cars
    1-39 Phil Levering-Parkerford
    2-26g Joe Garey-Trenton NJ
    3-81 Kenny Wallace-Wyncote
    4-86 Todd Francis-Malaga NJ
    5-66 John Cassidy-Reading
    6-04 Ross Coderoni-Glen Garnder NJ
    7-111 Jimmy Neiman-Tower City
    8-13x Tyler Kerchner-Mertztown
    9-13 Don Daigneault-Earlville
    10-17 Art Kulik-Bensalem
    11-29b Derek Dallatore-Pine Grove
    12-L39 Linsey Rummel-North Coventry
    13-55 John Stierly-Barto
    14-511 Mike Dunn-Yardville NJ
    15-90 Joel Matter-Tower City
    16-88 Katie Todorow-Quakertown
    17-03 Scott Dunn-Yardville NJ
    18-12 Jess Dunn-Yardville NJ
    19-65 Dan Daigneault-Earlville
    20-57E Larry Carmen-Bath

    Big Cars

    1-412 Johnny Sacks-Perkiomenville
    2-5 Tim Pauch-Stockton NJ
    3-312 Drew Ott-Schwenksville
    4-76 Jerry Arms-Douglassville
    5-14 Bob Wink-Palm
    6-P39 Rob Pyle-Donaldson
    7-10 Animal-Spottswood NJ
    8-911 Sam Detweiler-Schuylkill Haven
    9-391 John Bilofsky
    10-72 Lee Allen-Old Bridge NJ
    11-7 Mike Fiskaldo-Temple
    12-2 Pat Hires-Levittown
    13-36 Justin Steigerwalt-Barto
    14-55 Alan Brightbill
    15-44 Joel pilgert-Boyertown
    16-70 Chuck Detweiler-Schuylkill Haven
    17-37 Joe Farley-Pottstown
    18-64 Chris Angsadt-Douglassville
    19-39 Phil Levering-Parkerford
    20-707 Chuck Keely-Pottstown
    21-111 Jeremy Krauss-Mertztown
    22-51w Jeff Medio
    23-84T Terry Presgrave
    24-23 Noah Frazier
    25-111x Larry Alvord-Lykens
    Gary Lileck

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    11 Brian Moyer Reading

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