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Thread: Monadnock Schedule change?

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    Monadnock Schedule change?

    Maybe the Nascar Pr director could post if Nascar will make any decisions regarding schedule changes today or wait until tomorrow? It would be much appreciated.

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    Found this on Monadnock's FB page:

    Update on the Whelen Modified Tour - Saturday, May 11th: If the event is postponed due to rain, the speedway will post the rain date as soon as NASCAR makes the decision. At this point NASCAR will not release a rain date until an event is officially cancelled due to rain. (FYI - It will not be held on Sunday, May 12th if cancelled on Saturday).

    So I quess that means go to the track and see what happens?

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    The race has been postponed until July 27th.

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    Good job by NASCAR postponing early and posting an alternative date so soon.

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