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Thread: 06/23/13 - Race of Champions Penalties from Spencer Speedway Race

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    06/23/13 - Race of Champions Penalties from Spencer Speedway Race

    Drivers Chuck Hossfeld and Matt Hirschman have received the following penalty(s) following the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Tour event that was held at the Spencer Speedway on Friday, June 21st:

    * Both teams have been disqualified from the event which equates to no prize money and no points being earned for the race.

    * Both teams have been put on a probationary status for the remainder of the 2013 racing season. Any altercation or conduct violation will result in a 1 year penalty from the date of the infraction. The probationary status will be reviewed at the end of the season and could be extended to include additional events in 2014 if deemed necessary.
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    So for anyone who was there. Did it get dirty, punted off track. Bad blood between both..(we know) Hard racin? Would Like to know, roughed up or hard racin.. Car left track.. Just glad he didnt get hurt reguardless .. Rivalry yep.

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    Official release from Hossfeld:

    The following is an official statement from the Chuck Hossfeld Motorsports Group regarding the lap 65 incident at Spencer Speedway on Friday, June 21, 2013

    "On lap 65 of a scheduled 75 lap Sunoco Race of Champions Modified event at Spencer Speedway, Matt Hirschman and myself came together, resulting in Matt Hirschman clearing the wall on the back straight. I will go on the record stating that there was no intent of putting Matt in this position. It was a racing incident."

    "I certainly don't like to see this. The potential injury that could happen when this type of accident occurs is not acceptable to me. I'm also responsible for paying the bills with my race team and when it happens, it can get very costly."

    "Leading up to the accident, Matt Hirschman took a shot at me. I immediately retaliated. That should have been the end of it. I will admit that when someone comes after me, I will attempt to protect myself. I certainly won't take any crap from anyone."

    "In a Speed51 interview conducted today, Jan Leaty, one of the more respected racers to ever strap inside a modified, was directly behind the incident and he told Speed51 that it was a racing accident. Pure and Simple."

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