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Thread: Video - Small car race final laps.

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    Video - Small car race final laps.

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    What a crazy ending! Looks like the 88 picked a spot in the center of the track going into 3 and either got loose or started coming down leaving the 51 nowhere to go, the car came down leaving no reaction time. It also looks like there was some contact from the 111 which is what caused the remaining spin, he probably could have caught it if the second hit didn't happen but also with no reaction time and nowhere to go on the 111's part. This looks like a pure racing incident with no malicious intent whatsoever and looks like the 88 got to a safe spot with minimal damage and I assume was able to finish the race? Doesn't look like any damage on the 51 or the 111 either. Congrats on the finish Robby! Sorry I missed an action packed race!

    How was the 88's driving during the rest of the race? He is known for not having a radio and erratic that is frequently watched.

    Also, I'd love to see a finish. I'm sorry I missed the race, I was on "couch rest" as I assumed I would be and was so bored! Believe me, I would have loved to be there.
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    Most importantly, there was some great racing in that entire clip. Jimmy Neiman and Robbie Dunn are excellent enduro racers. Looked like a good show on Sunday, thanks for sharing the clip.
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