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    Congrats to...

    Outlaw Enduro competitors, Jimmy Neiman and Derek Dallatore on their recent victories at the Gratz Fair last week.

    Neiman won a Mini Van Demolition event while Dallatore won a driver/passenger demo derby where the driver is blindfolded and the passenger gives out the instructions.

    Congrats guys.

    What many people may not realize is that Neiman, Dallatore and at least a half dozen more of our Outlaw Enduro drivers are from the Gratz PA area and its a pretty long haul to Grandview Speedway from there. They continue to support our form of racing at Grandview and I think that needs to be mentioned.
    Gary Lileck

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    Well said Gary. Seems as though Demo derbys and enduro skills driving do go together. Phil

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    Awesome! I gotta hand it to Dallatore, I would never be able to listen to/give directions to someone in a demo derby, I get to into everything happening I wouldn't be able to focus! Congrats on the wins, guys! See you in a week and a half!
    Erin Cutri
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