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Thread: hell of a race

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    hell of a race

    It is monday and i am still think of the race. thought i was only in for a short time but what a time i had. i thought as well as many in the stands it was a very clean race. all driver had respect for each other. Chuck you were right when you said we were racers not drivers. i cant wait for next year. i wish that phil put next to the car number if they were 4 or 8's. that way people can see how the 4s did. jmo. my friends and family who never been to a race loved and will be there to watch next year. see you next year, ray 2ez

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    I was to only in it for about 50 laps before I lost a rad hose and think I trashed the head on my Cav. I thought the track was great why I was out there. Very clean raceing as I cant recall anybody even comeing close to me. Thought the 8 guys did a great job getting around the 4s cleanally. I too cant wait for next season myself. Thanks to everbody for putting on these races as I just started this in August and found a home with it. Great jod guys and gals. Thanks you......

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