3 regulars with NEETS /Outlaw enduros took on Black Rock Speedways $5,000 to win race. One of them came home with the winners trophy. Congratulations to Justin Stiegerwalt 1st place driving a Cavalier 2.2 Phil Levering was 4th in the Mazda. And Scott Dunn was on the scoreboard in 5th when he had a CV shaft break. This enduro was run using the traditional cars left on the track. I had a great time. Track conditions were fast in the 1st 50 laps with 8 cars in the lead lap at this point. They REALLY soaked the track and it was very very greasy till 80 some laps in of 100. Justin did not lead until lap 90 something when the lead car broke. Also of note there is NO pitting during the race. The only time for repairs is on the track at the 50 lap stop. Post race tech took over an hour as the top 3 cars are gone over to be sure that they are stock. 4th and 5th were also scrutinized. phil #39