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Thread: Outlaw Website and Facebook Pages

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    Outlaw Website and Facebook Pages

    The New Website will be up within the next two weeks, along with the new Facebook Page.

    Website can be reached by simply google or any search engine. There will be no Forum, also will be able to link on by going to Grandview Speedways Webpage.

    I've contacted Joe Cutri about the other webpage and facebook, I don't know when they will be deleted, but I would like to give this reminder that they will be soon.

    Thank You, Hope you all like the new look!

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    They'll be deleted soon. I'll remind him. We've been going through some crazy times, one being my emergency surgery yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Easy E View Post
    There will be no Forum,
    I hope that this forum will still remain.
    There really isn't any reason to close it.
    I think it is the central point of communication for most of the enduro series drivers.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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