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Thread: Al DeAngelo

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    Al DeAngelo

    I was recently researching Al DeAngelo. I've read the he is the all-time winner at Islip Speedway and according to the records at LIJ, was a 6-time Islip Mod champ (1949-50, 1953-54, 1959, 1963).

    My question is: I found the records for an Al DeAngelo from Kings, NY. The birthday is March 10, 1902 and the deathdate is June 1982. Is this the same Al DeAngelo that dominated LI tracks in the 50s?

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    Yes, I do believe that that is "The" Al DeAngelo, the all time feature winner leader at Islip. But to be sure contact Marty Himes at The Himes Museum. He will have all the information you need.

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    I'd have to agree that is "The" Al DeAngelo. The Kings part probably would be Kings County, which is Brooklyn. I would guess Al was born in Brooklyn.


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    Thanks guys for your help. I never realized that he was still winning at Islip into his early 60s .

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    Captain History
    Al was still racing around in the early 1970s.

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    He was referring to Al's age as being early 60's

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    Al Deangelo Sr

    I Have The Drivers Door From Al Deangelo Sr's Modified When He Drove For Cheap Mikes In Richmond Hill,i Will Get Back With The Car Number Soon,it Is Blue And Yellow.

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    Dwight Clock
    Al DeAngelo died around 1982 but he was nowhere near 80 when he died. He was in his sixties.

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    Former Long Island photgrapher Rich Oakley, he visits our site from time to time, actually seems a lot to keep up on whats going down! He built this car as a tribute to the Ace. If Ace ever drove a midget (a race car, not an actual little person) it would have looked like this! This car has won many top tens at huge events as Goodguys and NSRA events.
    Peter Milano

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    Actually, the roadsters were raced all over the country. What seperated California from the rest was that they took the time to make them look good. In most areas they raced with no paint at all, and in some cases full of rust. A great view of roadsters can be had in the early portions of the movie "The Big Wheel", a 1949 film starring Mickey Rooney.

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    Good movie, I remember watching it as a kid. Richie's car in reality is an early Track T. The cars were stripped down Motel T roadster pick-ups (or Turtle decks), in most cases running sans pick-up beds and shortened frames. Many other modifications came along as they evolved.

    Hot Rodding split into three distinct catagories; Street cars, oval racing and drag racing. Most believe it all started on the west coast. I am one that totally disagrees with that assessment. Vanderbilt, Astor, and many others where modifying and running their cars in time trials on Osmond Beach in 1904 or so, and on the street of Mineola/Jericho in 1907.

    California gets a lot of credit for being the automotive hot bed for one reason, and one reason only, coverage. Hot Rod magazine came out and made California the Mecca of the car culture. The weather didn't hurt any either.
    At that time, there were as many customs, hot rods and oval track cars in Kansas as there were per capita in California. You just didn't hear about it.

    Sorry, I got carried away.

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    Captain History
    Al DeAngelo was 56 when he passed away on 6/6/83 of an apparent heart attack. His racing career was from 1949-1981 with him scoring 107 stock car victories and 10 T.Q. Midget victories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain History
    Al DeAngelo was 56 when he passed away on 6/6/83 of an apparent heart attack. His racing career was from 1949-1981 with him scoring 107 stock car victories and 10 T.Q. Midget victories.
    Thank you for that info, Captain!

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    Fast & Legal

    Trivia Question

    What was the last car that Al drove ?

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    Just a guess here......... the 7$

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