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Thread: Tri Track Open Modified Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMac View Post
    Yup, MRS and Lee really stuck it to you guys and Star. A shot across the bow if you ask me. I say run July 27th anyway. You'll still get more cars and fans. I'll be there for sure. Memorial Day could be fun too though.

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    You are incorrect. The Star 125 is always run the last weekend of July (28th this year if they don't move it). Lee went ahead and scheduled the modified racing series the night before on the 27 of July. The Seekonk race is the end of June.

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    Actually, the SBM was run in early June for many years, but then we moved it to the end of July when the ROC scheduled a race on that date in June..

    Never easy finding open dates.

    Personally, I still think the SBM can run that same weekend at end of July. But, waiting on word from Star.

    Right now,

    So far, we have 3 races scheduled for 2018. ( Hoping for Star, and for Waterford too)

    Saturday, May 26 - Claremont

    Wednesday, June 27 - Seekonk

    Saturday, Oct 27 - Seekonk

    Working on finalizing other dates..

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